After trying (and failing!) to get an early start on our second full day in Denmark, we eventually made our way from Valby back to the airport. From there, we picked up our wheels for the next few days, a cute little VW Polo. It was a lot like driving a ¾ scale version of Liz’s VW GTI! Our plan was to get to Roskilde, where there were two main attractions: the cathedral (“Denmark’s Westminster Abbey”) and a Viking ship museum. Before visiting either of those fine attractions, we fueled up with some of the fabulous Danish pastries that so readily available. As the final resting place for most of Denmark’s royalty, the cathedral was suitably impressive. By the time we made it down to the Viking museum, it was getting late in the day, so we just walked around the outside and enjoyed seeing the recreated ships that were tied up and ready to sail. Then it was back on the road as we headed towards our destination for the next few days: Horsholm.

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