We spent the next few days at the home of Alex and Colleen, who were wonderful hosts! Fortunately for us, Alex managed to get some time off from work and was able to play tour guide. It’s always great to have a local showing you around! Our first stop was to Frederiksborg Castle (“The Danish Versailles”), a truly beautiful castle with well-manicured gardens. From there we went to Fredensborg Palace, which is still in use by the Danish Royalty- in fact, we heard some children playing behind the walls as we walked around the gardens. As we were nosing around a windmill on the way back, Alex and I had a run in with a guard dog that turned out to want nothing more than a back scratch. We saw the steeple of a church (Grønholt Kirke) while checking out the windmill, and decided to investigate it further. There is no shortage of interesting old churches, castles, and other structures to be discovered while  driving around!

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