Sometimes you just need to get away. The backpacking season is coming to a close in the Sierras (for me, anyway), so I decided I needed to get in one more trip. I also wanted to test a) a new backpack and b) a new camera. The new pack didn't quite work out, as it was a bit too small to fit everything I needed! The (rented) camera did a decent job, though to be fair the conditions were not great for photos- too bright and hazy.

Since I waited to the last minute, I couldn't make a proper loop to cover the 3days/2nights I would be there. That is how I wound up at May Lake the first night, then driving over to the Sunrise trailhead the next morning before hiking to Clouds Rest and camping the second night at Sunrise Lake #3. 

On the last morning a coyote chewed a hole in one of my water bags. That was unfortunate, but at least I was on the way out and could still carry water in the other bag! 

Overall it was good to get into the woods for a few days and see some new parts of Yosemite! 

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